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Branches from a bush covered in ice in the foreground. The SERVPRO van in the background

Ice Storms in West Jefferson

When winter storms strike, sometime disaster strikes your home as well. Whether its a busted pipe from frozen conditions, heavy snow or ice melt, or roof leaks causes by storms SERVPRO of Boone is here to help! Our crews use professional equipment and professional training to meet the needs of all our customers and make it "Like it never even happened." 

Wet and muddy concrete floor with rubberized mats on the side.

Water Damage to a Bonne Business

This was the aftermath of a water damage that a Boone business experiences after a flood. SERVPRO of Boone arrived on the scene and began extracting the standing water immediately. The owner couldn't believe how quickly and completely we were able to clean the water and mud. We make disasters "Like it never even happened."

A crawl space with white vapor barrier and 6 green SERVPRO airmovers

Storm Causes Wet Crawl Space

A recent storm causes water damage to a crawl space in Beech Mountain, North Carolina. The homeowner called SERVPRO of Boone who responded immediately to begin the drying process. Our crew is comfortable in small spaces such as this crawl space.  Give us a call with your crawl space needs; we're always here to help! 

A cabinet filled with glassware that is covered in soot and smoke.

Fire Damage is Pervasive

When a fire takes place in your home or business, the smoke travels everywhere and sticks to every surface. At SERVPRO of Boone we inventory and clean every item that can be salvaged in the unfortunate event of a fire. This fire took place outside of Boone, NC and the crew worked hard tp ensure the care of all the homeowner's possessions.

A toilet is clogged with disgusting toilet paper that has overflown onto the floor

Sewage Backup in Western, NC

We know that if you are calling us, you are dealing with a stressful situation! We are happy to ease your mind and work directly with your insurance company to get your home and/or business back to normal. You would never know it to look at this room, but this was the scene of a sewage accident. SERVPRO of Boone has the equipment, expertise, and experience to perform sewage remediation services after events like this. In this case, we were able to remove the sewage and restore the room to working condition. 

A wood paneling wall is covered in white mold growth from floor to ceiling.

Storm Causes Water, Water Causes Mold

Heavy rains and storms in Newland, NC caused water damage to a home in the area. As a result of the water damage being undiscovered for awhile, significant mold growth occurred. The SERVPRO of Boone team acted as soon as they got the call to remediate the mold and dry remaining wet materials. 

A crawl space with pink insulation that is hanging down in places and a black vapor barrier

Mold Mitigation in Tight Spaces

This crawlspace in Western North Carolina experienced mold growth due to damp conditions over a long period of time. The SERVPRO of Boone team removed all of the affected insulation and remediated the mold that remained on floor joists and subfloor above. The crew fogged the crawlspace with an anti-microbial agent for any remaining mold in the air or on surfaces.  

A white ceiling of a pantry is covered in gray and brown mold that is hanging down.

SERVPRO of Boone will handle those "yucky" jobs for you!

Call SERVPRO of Boone at 828-386-6800 for all those jobs you do not want to tackle yourself. Our highly trained staff will respond and take care of some "yucky" situations so you don't have to. This homeowner in Boone, NC was experiencing some serious mold damage after a water leak. The crew responded quickly and made it "Like it never even happened." 

Wooden kitchen cabinets are above a vent and have black soot on them.

Puff Back at Local Senior Center

A kerosene heater malfunctioned causing a cloud of soot to travel throughout the ventilation system in a local senior center facility. The fine soot then covered every surface in the entire building. SERVPRO of Boone responded by cleaning all surfaces in the facility allowing the center to get back to serving the community. 

A bathroom sink is covered in black soot and debris caused by a fire.

Electrical Fire in Jonas Ridge, NC

This was the aftermath of an electrical fire outside of Boone, NC when we arrived on the scene. There was significant smoke and soot damage. SERVPRO of Boone has worked hard to make this disaster "Like it never even happened."

A concrete basement floor is covered in standing water

Storms Cause Flood in Jefferson, NC

Recent storms in the area caused heavy rains and then consequential flooding in this basement in Jefferson, NC. SERVPRO of Boone responded to the scene. The standing water was extracted and drying equipment was placed in order to save wet and damaged materials. 

Back of wood cabinet that is covered in blue, round mold spots.

Mold Damage in Boone, NC

SERVPRO of Boone is here during your time of need! This homeowner in Boone, NC experienced a water loss due to a busted pipe outside of her kitchen. The water damage caused mold to grow on the backside of the kitchen cabinets. 

Don't try to handle these hazardous situations on your own! We're here to help make it "Like it never even happened." 

Fire place covered in black soot and smoke.

Puff Back in Todd, NC

This was the result of a "puff back" that occurred with some kerosene logs in a home in Todd, NC. There was significant smoke damage all over the house on ever surface and knickknack. The SERVPRO of Boone team arrived on the scene quickly and worked with insurance to get the job done right. The homeowner was happy with the work completed!

Industrial kitchen including stainless steel appliances and tile floor, all cleaned.

Fast Food Kitchen Restored

The kitchen of a former Hardee's in Mars Hill, NC had years of grease and grime built up on all appliances are surfaces. SERVPRO of Boone was called in to clean up the mess and restore the kitchen to a functioning and sanitary space. The owners were very pleased with the work completed and ensured they would use SERVPRO of Boone again if needed in the future.  

Injectidry mats are placed on hard wood floor and hoses connect each mat to suck up water

Injectidry System drying hard wood floor in Jefferson, NC

After an electrical fire sparked in a home in Jefferson, NC, water damage occurred throughout the house. SERVPRO of Boone arrived on site immediately after receiving the call and set up an Injectidry System to dry the hardwood floor in the most effected area. 

Tyler is vacuuming carpet with steam cleaner after a fire extinguisher deployed.

Tyler cleaning up fire extinguisher residue

This is Project Manager, Tyler Irving. Not only is he ensuring the rest of the crew knows how to handle this clean up job, he's also willing to get his hands dirty himself. Tyler has mastered steam cleaning and shampooing carpets, just like he did in this Banner Elk home after a fire extinguisher was deployed. 

Damaged dry wall removed

Water Damage in West Jefferson, NC

SERVPRO of Boone worked hard to remove materials that had been damaged from a water loss in West Jefferson, NC. The crew ensured that all irreparable materials were removed, while the unaffected areas were left in tact.  

Damage to Ceiling in basement due to water loss.

Water Damage in West Jefferson, NC

Due to a leak in the water line, the basement below flooded causing severe damage to the ceiling and carpet. SERVPRO of Boone quickly arrived and efficiently removed the damaged property. 

SERVPRO drying equipment working hard to dry a Category 2 water job.

Water Damage in West Jefferson, NC

After just one day of being on the job in West Jefferson the SERVPRO of Boone crew had all standing water removed and equipment placed to finish the job. The owner was happy to have his vacation home return to the state of "Like it never even happened." 

Our SERVPRO Van servicing a house on a beautiful fall day


Our SERVPRO "green machine" vans are filled with tools to make disasters "Like it never even happened."